Hear the brutal new noise rock song from Virgin Mother, “I’ll Never Feel Like Anything”

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Virgin Mother

On October 14, Virgin Mother (Seb Alvarez of Chicago powerviolence outfit meth.) will release debut album Mourning Ritual. The project, inspired by bands such as Sonic Youth and Swans, recently shared the stage with Kowloon Walled City. And today, Virgin Mother shares a new track from the album, titled “I’ll Never Feel Like Anything.” It’s a cacophonous, intense and brutal noise rock track that erupts into moments of melodicism, blast-beat surges, moody gothic atmosphere and an overall sense of menace. It’s awesome and harsh all at once.

Alvarez says about the new track in a press release, “’I’ll Never Feel Like Anything’ was one of the first tracks I wrote under the moniker Virgin Mother. It’s a short analysis of myself during a mental spiral (a reoccurring theme throughout this record). I wanted this song to feel like you were watching something completely deteriorate in front of you and were being forced to face the reality of the situation it presents. The front half being a catalyst to the back half’s self destruction, as a way to create symmetry between the lyrical themes and the song’s composition.”

Listen to Virgin Mother’s “I’ll Never Feel Like Anything” below and find preorder info here.

Virgin Mother Mourning Ritual tracklist:

1) [promised end]
2) Traffic Stop
3) Vanity’s Sake
4) I’ll Never Feel Like Anything
5) Blossoming Winter!
6) House of Mirrors!
7) Fault!
8) Black Light on 16th Street
9) Parasite
10) Editor’s Note
11) Field of Warmth

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