Members of Fugazi, Bikini Kill, Downtown Boys sign letter asking lawmakers to expand unemployment benefits

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As the spread of COVID-19 continues to have a detrimental effect on musicians and the music industry, a number of bands have signed a letter asking both state and federal lawmakers to expand unemployment benefits to self-employed workers in relief packages.

“We ask that you ensure the next Federal relief package includes the extension of unemployment and other benefits to all musicians, DJs, and all gig economy workers who have lost their income due to COVID-19,” the letter reads. “Workers should be able to use any income—including 1099 earnings and demonstrable anticipated future income wiped out by COVID-19—to apply for unemployment and other benefits.”

Among the bands who have signed on are members of Fugazi, Bikini Kill, Downtown Boys, Wolf Parade, Neutral Milk Hotel, Moor Mother, Speedy Ortiz, Algiers and more.

Read the text of the letter here.

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