Mobius Band : The Loving Sounds of Static

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On their debut electronic-tinged full-length, Brooklyn trio Mobius Band have delivered an album rife with dreamy ambient pop that has rather mixed results. The main factor is that the music that pulses through these guys veins is somewhat superior than the songwriting on an album, tantamount to a severely bipolar version of the Postal Service.

The entrance and exit that the Mobius Band makes on The Loving Sounds of Static do fit the mood appropriately for the album itself. The opening track “Detach” has some scattered blips and the shoegazer aura of “Doo Wop” carries a somewhat cinematic serenade to it that pleasantly says “bon voyage” to the listener.

Now let’s talk about what’s in between. A constant bass thrum remains unbent on “Radio Coup” as the choppy stomp falls into a sprawling wall of fuzz. The frolicking quiver of the jangly “Twilight” flows with a new wave sashay to it, as the static-induced trance-like state of “Close the Door” makes it a song that truly snaps, crackles, and pops. The gentle hissing breezes into Sterling’s guitar fed crescendo with the captivating hypnotic dribble in “Taxicab.” Meanwhile, the grittier traipse in “You’re Wrong” wafts a flowing twee-pop bridge in the midst of a piercing synth whine. The Loving Sounds of Static embraces more vehement minded ballads such as “I Just Turned 18” while the Mobius Band even grooves out to the echoes and chimes of the title track.

As previously mentioned, this album does contain mixed results. Sure the average Joe who enjoys a good dose of indie-rock textures will enjoy it but the true aficionados could likely go either way on it. The instrumentation is superb as well as the electro-ambient flourishes, but when they are put together with the less-than-memorable vocals, it’s just like forcing two Legos together that don’t connect. However, I’m not in a position where I am ready to dismiss the Mobius Band just yet, because not every artist makes a striking impression on their maiden albums. These guys just need some time to spread out their wings a little bit. I foresee a promising career a short way down the road for this trio, as I will anxiously anticipate their next album. Godspeed, Mobius Band!

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