MoFi sued over use of digital files in claims of “all analog” vinyl releases

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Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, or MoFi, has been operating since 1977 and releases record reissues specifically marketed to the audiophile community. MoFi has claimed in its marketing that its releases comprise “purely analog recordings” made from original master tapes, and their releases often sell for a higher price than standard vinyl records. However, some fans have gotten upset with the recent revelations that the label has been using digital direct-stream technology in some of its records, and one customer is now taking the label to court, filing a class-action lawsuit that accuses the label of false advertising.

A recent Washington Post article outlined the issue, in which Mike Esposito, owner of Phoenix record store The ‘In’ Groove, posted a video about how he had been told that MoFi was using digital sources for its records. The company invited him to tour their facility, and upon visiting and talking to their engineers, confirmed that indeed, some of their records were made with digital masters.

Billboard reports that a man in North Carolina has launched a class action against MoFi, claiming that the company intentionally misled its customers. His lawyers claim that “MoFi intentionally hid this fact from consumers.”

MoFi recently released a statement of apology last month, stating, “We recognize our conduct has resulted in both anger and confusion in the marketplace. Moving forward, we are adopting a policy of 100% transparency regarding the provenance of our audio products.” 

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