Moog and Korg offering free mobile apps during period of social distancing

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Moog free app

The spread of coronavirus has caused the cancellation of countless tours, the temporary closing of music venues and a general slowdown in musical activity overall. But technology is making it easier than ever to record music at home, and Moog is offering an additional service at no cost. For a limited time, Moog is offering its Minimoog Model D iOs app and Korg is sharing its Korg iKaossilator iOS and Android app for free download. Neither has specified the end of that period, though we’ll all have a lot of time on our hands for a while, so might as well take advantage of the offer and start making some music at home.

Moog says the offer is “a gift to spread positivity”, while Korg says the free download is something entertaining to offer people while they’re “self-quarantining & working from home.”

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