Mylo : Destroy Rock ‘n’ Roll

Myles MacInnes (a.k.a. Mylo) was a graduate of Oxford in physiology, psychology, and philosophy and then went to UCLA only to quit studying for his philosophy PhD so that he could return to his bedroom in his native Scotland to record Destroy Rock and Roll in his bedroom. I�ll bet whoever was footing the bill for his tuition must�ve been pleased pending they�re an electronica aficionado. If not that then they sure had to be enlightened upon learning that Elton John�. excuse me, Sir Elton John himself hailed Destroy Rock and Roll as his current favorite album and proclaimed �every home should own a copy.�

Sure, some of the skeptics note that just about anyone can record an electronic music album in their bedroom but this isn�t just your regular collection of blips and bleeps made from a Sony Vaio. Mylo has his own ebb and flow and while he has managed to rack up some hype as of late, he�s not an electronica prima donna a la Paul Oakenfold. Mylo�s tunes seem to carry aspects of just about every sub genre within house music and breakbeats and a tad bit more.

�Sunworshipper� is ever so warm and fluffy with a breezy aura that recalls a meeting place between the Orb and Rokysopp in a swingin� lounge. With all of the various moods that the songs veer through, the lot of them have an intertwined downtempo vibe, yet not all of them are for the chill-out room, such as the electro and techno-house laden �Muscle Cars� and �Drop the Pressure.�

�In My Arms� showcases not only Mylo�s skill for his craft but his keen ear as well, as he meshes together samples from two horrible songs (Boy Meets Girl�s �Waiting for a Star to Fall� and Kim Carnes� �Bette Davis Eyes�) where the end result is a nominally lush groove that will play over and over and over again in the listener�s head long after the disc is over. This is immediately followed by the day-glo swish in �Guilty of Love� and the Ibiza dreaming in �Paris Four Hundred.� Mylo keeps it no less than shag carpet fresh with �Otto�s Journey� and has fellow Britons, the up-and-coming Freeform Five, tag along for the ride on �Musclecar Reform Reprise.�

The only thing that will burn the asses of true �electronica album� purists is that there are two remixes placed throughout the track listing and not at the very end where they belong. That and the only version of the album�s title track is a remix as well, and a wooden one at best. Other than that, Destroy Rock and Roll is a thoroughly solid debut. Mylo seems like he has been the reclusive record-collecting type at some point in his life, but the time is now for him to let his creative juices flow.

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