Nilüfer Yanya announces PAINLESS deluxe edition

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nilufer yanya painless deluxe

Nilüfer Yanya has announced a deluxe edition of her latest album PAINLESS. Due out on December 14 digitally via ATO, the expanded version of the album will include her recently released cover of PJ Harvey’s “Rid of Me,” as well as a pair of remixes by King Krule and Sampha. It also features three songs from the album reimagined with producer Will Archer. Take a look at the tracklist below, and hear two remixes of standout track “midnight sun.”

Yanya said in a press release, “PAINLESS is going deluxe! I’m honestly so glad so many of you listened to PAINLESS when it first came out 9 months ago so I’m very happy to be able to offer you the deluxe version with two new remixes of ‘midnight sun’ and my cover of ‘rid of me’.”

Nilüfer Yanya PAINLESS (Deluxe) tracklist:

1. the dealer
2. L:R
3. shameless
4. stabilise
5. chase me
6. midnight sun
7. trouble
8. try
9. company
10. belong with you
11. the mystic
12. anotherlife
13. shameless (reflects)
14. midnight sun (reflects)
15. chase me (reflects)
16. midnight sun (sampha remix)
17. midnight sun (king krule remix)
18. rid of me

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