P.E. deliver a perfect post-punk summer jam with “Pink Shiver”

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There’s something incredibly hopeful and exciting about discovering that the debut album from P.E., the new collaborative project between members of Pill and Eaters, essentially came out of an improvisational, blank-slate approach. As if their fusion of proto-industrial dance music, post-punk and jazz noir was simply pulled from the ether. “You make a big mess. And then you start scraping off the ugly gunk and making a collage out of what’s left,” the band’s Jonathan Schenke recently told me. “Pink Shiver” is what happens when that amorphous gunk is refined down to pop perfection. To be clear, P.E.’s definition of pop is swathed in harsh electronic textures, abstract verse and heavy doses of saxophone. It’s dance music for nights you only half remember, a make-out anthem that’s less about romance than simply being present in a fleeting, euphoric moment. “I’m in heaven,” chants vocalist Veronica Torres. It’s an infectious feeling, living up to the band’s own admission of writing their “take on the summer jam: fun, dumb, flirty and coy.” Summer is months away, I know—but is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?

From Person, out March 6 via Wharf Cat

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