Pig Destroyer announce live album, Pornographers of Sound

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Pig Destroyer Live album

Pig Destroyer have announced a new live album. On June 11, the group will release Pornographers of Sound: Live in NYC in physical formats via Relapse. The album was recorded during two of the band’s live sets at St. Vitus in Brooklyn in 2019. It features tracks from throughout their catalog, from Prowler in the Yard on up to 2018’s Head Cage. Check out the tracklist below and stream the live album in full via Youtube.

Pig Destroyer Pornographers of Sound: Live in NYC tracklist:

  1. Sys
  2. The American’s Head
  3. Eve
  4. Loathsome
  5. Scarlet Hourglass
  6. Thumbsucker
  7. The Gentleman
  8. Sourheart
  9. Concrete Beast
  10. Rotten Yellow
  11. Deathtripper
  12. Circle River
  13. Totaled
  14. Crippled Horses
  15. Gravedancer
  16. The Machete Twins
  17. Jennifer
  18. Cheerleader Corpses
  19. Scatology Homework
  20. Trojan Whore
  21. Piss Angel
  22. Starbelly
  23. Junkyard God

Pig Destroyer’s Phantom Limb is included in our list, The History of North American Death Metal in 30 Albums.

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