Priests’ Katie Alice Greer announces debut solo album, Barbarism

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Katie Alice Greer

Katie Alice Greer, formerly of Priests, has announced her debut solo album. On June 24, she’ll release Barbarism via FourFour Records. The first single is “FITS/My Love Can’t Be,” which you can hear below.

Greer says in a press release, “I’d spent something like 70 days mostly alone since the pandemic started,” Greer recalls. “Then one weekend I biked out to Fairfax Avenue and found myself amongst thousands of people. It was jarring … To go from mostly the stillness of a barely-lived-in bedroom to projectile shopping carts, strangers chanting, phalanxes of beige gun toters, and tanks parallel parked outside luxury underwear and grocery shops on Melrose. Stuff was on fire. I think I listened to Exile On Main Street headed home, because it’s similarly contradictory and complicated mixture of emotions felt resonant. I wanted to try and capture all that I was feeling without so much as re-telling events that inspired the emotions themselves. “

Priests’ last album was 2019’s The Seduction of Kansas.

Katie Alice Greer new album Barbarism

Katie Alice Greer Barbarism tracklist:

1. FITS/My Love Can’t Be
2. Talking In My Sleep (Intro)
3. Fake Nostalgia
4. Dreamt I Talk To Horses
5. Flag Wave Pt. 1
6. Flag Wave Pt. 2
7. Captivated
8. No Man
9. A Semi Or A Freight Train
10. How Do I Know (PRING 5)
11. Barbarism

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