Premiere: Stream Quin Galavis’ versatile, vulnerable new album Victim/Non Victim

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Quin Galavis album premiere

On Friday, Austin, Texas singer/songwriter Quin Galavis will release his new album Victim/Non Victim Pt. 1 via Super Secret Records. And today, just in time for Valentine’s Day, Treble is premiering the album in its entirety. It’s a record marked by ache and vulnerability, heartbreak and regret. The music is sometimes dreamy, sometimes noisy and shoegazey, and often veers into the realm of power pop, but coming from an artist in search of healing. It’s fun to listen to, yet deeply affecting, perhaps exactly the kind of record a day like today calls for.

“This record I wrote after an intense period in my life,” Quin says in a statement. “I decided to approach this record as a way to confront all the things that created the feelings and characters in my double album My Life In Steel And Concrete and in the process confront all the things that has driven me to art and self destruction, so where MLISAC was expressing a sense of uncertainty and resignation, this record is truly a way to find out why I am the way I am and what abuses I have been through and the abuse I deliver on others. So, I am going to have to spread it out in three records! These records aren’t just going to be a cathartic thing like MLISAC, but more as a purge of my old life and finally a reset.”

Listen to the Quin Galavis Victim/Non Victim Pt. 1 stream below, and pre-order the album here.

Quin Galavis Victim/Non Victim Pt. 1 tracklist:

1. Theme 1
2. Our Loved Ones
3. Not Aware
4. It’s Golden
5. This Real Home
6. Burn The Room
7. What It Takes
8. Thunder
9. Anthem
10. This Water

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