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Calgary’s Reverie Sound Revue’s eponymous debut album has been seven years in the making, but through Boompa Records, it’s finally seeing the light of day. Reverie Sound Revue is the primary outlet of perpetual Broken Social Scene touring vocalist Lisa Lobsinger, coupled with a host of other players, including guitarist Marc De Pape, who also produced the album.

The band released a 2003 EP of the same name, established a decent fanbase, called it a day in 2004 and tentatively reformed in 2005, leaving fans to wait and wonder if they would ever see another proper release from Reverie Sound Revue. The band’s work on this album was largely done through complex cross-Canadian e-mailings, as none of the five members would ever enter the same studio at the same time as the other four. Decidedly, that’s how RSR works best; the result is seen in the band’s cohesive full-length release.

For Reverie Sound Revue the band has used a variety of layers to complement Lobsinger’s already submissive voice. The vocals have become interwoven with the sonic landscape of the album where in the past the band’s guitars were sometimes distracting. The band has abandoned the style of former songs like “Walking Around Waiting Downtown” and “One Marathon” that had heavy pop leanings and unpoliced synthesizers in favor of more moody tracks with non-existent synths. Album standout “An Anniversary Away” is Lobsinger at her best, displaying what the press release accurately calls her “distinctive coo.” The remaining tracks on the album are passive and shimmery with subtle hints of keyboard, chiming guitars and a well planned wall of sound that surrounds Lobsinger’s angelic vocals. Reverie Sound Revue is not an album chock full of songs that would do well standing alone but as a group go far in serving as a soundtrack to many a daydream.

Reverie Sound Revue is only slated for tangible released in Canada, with the rest of the world having to obtain their copies digitally. That’s not to take a shot at Boompa, who have done well in marketing the album including packaging and inserts with beautiful artwork that does well in capturing the mood of the album. Though, with Brendan Canning, Ohad Benchetrit, Charles Spearin, all having released solo efforts through Arts & Crafts and Torq Campbell figuring to release an upcoming Memphis and/or solo album through A&C it would have hit a much larger audience if Kevin Drew had made a way to get this long anticipated album the same treatment.

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