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The cover of Savath and Savalas’ newest mini-album, Mañana, depicts an illustration of two naked people gettin’ busy in a field of grass. I suppose I don’t have to tell you that that sort of album art brings along with it some implications and thematic suggestions. It doesn’t necessarily have to have anything to do with the content on the record, but it only seems fitting that an album cover depicting people making sweet love (even in the most abstract way), should only be used as a visage for a really sexy record.

In the case of Mañana, that’s true for the most part. For those who aren’t familiar, Savath and Savalas is the moniker used by vocalist Eva Puyelo Muns and Scott Herren, otherwise known as Prefuse 73. Released as somewhat of a companion piece to Apropa’t, Mañana is somewhat like Extinguished was to One Word Extinguisher. Though this record is nowhere near as glitchy as Prefuse’s typical work, it has more of a prominent electronic presence than the full-length released earlier this year.

That said, Mañana is a bootylicious Spanish folk album for the Atari generation. Muns’ breathy vocals seem to float through Herren’s electronic compositions. “Sota L’aigua” comes across as a more accessible Prefuse mashed-up with Juana Molina. Though “Demá Vinura” seems to share more in common with recent Air, as Muns’ voice melts into the atmosphere that Herren creates. “Ya Estoy de Vuelta” is a much more stripped-down folk track, bearing practically no similarities to Herren’s other projects, though instrumental tracks like “Interludio Inconcreto” and “No Puedo de Cedir” remind us well of where the talented producer is coming from.

Mañana is a surprisingly straightforward listen from a producer previously known for more peculiar arrangements. But it’s no surprise that it’s an accessible listen. And in this case, a sultry, romantic one as well. If there’s one thing that Herren knows how to do, it’s making electronic records that go well beyond the dancefloor and into fascinatingly listenable territory. On Mañana, he makes it sound so damn easy that when he truly outdoes himself, it’s surely going to blow us away.

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