The Shenandoah Electric Co. (feat. members of Pianos Become the Teeth) share warmly ambitious new track “Hot Mess”

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Shenandoah Electric Co.

On June 3, Maryland’s The Shenandoah Electric Co.—featuring members of Pianos Become the Teeth—will release their debut album, LP1, via Pax Aeternum. Less of a punk or hardcore band than an eclectic, psychedelic folk/alt-rock group, The Shenandoah Electric Co. showcases a broad array of influences and unexpected sonic terrain. Today they share the new single “Hot Mess,” a prime example of their organically trippy sound. Influenced by ’80s prog and bathed in effects, the track is simultaneously warm and otherworldly, eventually rising up into a soaring climax.

The group’s Wes Young says in a statement about the new track, “‘Hot Mess’ came about from a sample of an a cappella gospel song. Several splices via an algorithmic sequencer with the sample, a couple E major chords manually played through an AM radio and an intentionally overbearing ’80s Genesis vibe led us to this one. It has the best drum sounds on the whole record and you’re gonna know it when David plays that snare. The song is about the ebb and flow of friendships as you age. The song itself is a ‘Hot Mess’ in the best way.”

Listen to “Hot Mess” below.

Pre-order LP1 here.

The Shenandoah Electric Co. LP1 tracklist:

1. This Has To Work
2. Coronation Day
3. Hot Mess
4. Old Boys
5. Pillar Of Salt
6. N. Howard St.
7. Late Nights, Early Mornings
8. Fools Like Us
9. Basye

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