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“Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin.”

Put in any context, this phrase is silly. This name doesn’t take itself seriously. Instead of trying to present the band as serious music makers, they find an opportunity to have fun. Moreover, it is a pretty accurate representation of the music they make.

Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin likes to play with music, presenting patterns that create certain expectations, but then change-up in the middle of an album or in some cases in the middle of a song. The first track, “Pangea” sets the album up as anyone might expect of an indie-pop band with a funny name. Love song lyrics, basic instruments, catchy beat, nice metaphor to make the lyrics a little more pertinent, and even the moment of subdued background music to let the repeated chorus really have the impact of the instruments starting sudden and strong once again. This track has the gentle beginnings of what differentiates Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin from other bands, besides the long name. The track has many distinct sounds, melodies that change frequently like the attention of a child in a Toys ‘R’ Us. The music takes all of the toys from the shelves one by one, and then plays with them all, combining the hard G.I. Joe action riff with the softer and sentimental My Little Pony harmonies.

While this can be seen in many of the songs, “I Am Warm & Powerful” is where the most play is, wherein the rhythm of the song shifts multiple times, completely changing the landscape like all of the various lighting designs of a day: Sunrise, sounds that twinkle like dew in the low morning sun; Noon, with a sun high and bright and beaming all with a hum that rocks steady; Twilight, somber glimmers that separate silence with moments of shine that chime a solid but airy tune.

There are even more tones that can be found in music as varying as the layers of clouds that may or may not eclipse the sun in a day, and even if they do, the clouds may only slightly obscure it. They take time to have fun with their music, and the listeners can play along.

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