SPLLIT shares intricate, groovy new post-punk jam, “Gemini Moods (Return)”

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On October 27, Baton Rouge post-punk outfit SPLLIT will release their sophomore album Infinite Hatch via Feel It Records and on cassette via Tough Gum, run by Raegan Labat, who’s also a live member of SPLLIT. Today, the duo of Matthew Urquhart and Ronni Bourgeois have shared the new song “Gemini Moods (Return),” a rhythmically intricate and hypnotic post-punk jam with jangly guitars, a deeply grooving bassline and an unexpectedly noisy beginning. It carries traces of The Raincoats and Deerhoof in its sonic DNA, and feels connected to nimble and sinewy art punk contemporaries such as Stuck and Uranium Club. Folks, it’s fun as hell.

Listen to SPLLIT’s “Gemini Moods” below.

SPLLIT Infinite Hatch tracklist:

1. Canned Air
2. Growth Hacking
3. Dorks Tried
4. Fast Acting Gel
5. Shine Sheen
6. Bevy Slew
7. Gemini Moods (Return)
8. Cloaking
9. Smashed In
10. Infinite Tower
11. Curtain Lift
12. Time Passing Dirge

Spllit live dates:

9/30 Feel It Records Gonerfest Afterparty – Memphis, TN 

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