Steve Gunn, John Truscinski and Bill Nace (Body/Head) announce new album, Glass Band

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Steve Gunn and John Truscinski, aka Gunn-Truscinski Duo, and Body/Head‘s Bill Nace have announced a new collaborative album. Glass Band is out July 28 via Three Lobed, and the first new song they’ve shared is “On Lamp.” Hear it below.

Steve Gunn said in a statement, “There are collective years of trust and friendship in the making of this music, and the three of us knew that there would be an openness worth exploring. “The outcome of this recording session was really satisfying because we were open to finding a third way, and the music speaks for itself. Personally, it is liberating that I can’t find words to contextualize the music.”

Gunn-Truscinski Duo’s last album was 2020’s Soundkeeper. In 2021, Body/Head released a collaborative album with Aaron Dilloway.

Gunn Truscinski Nace Glass Band tracklist:

1. Entrance
2. On Lamp
3. Tape
4. Venus
5. Corner Dogs
6. Fencer
7. Stacked
8. Junctions
9. Noctiluca

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