Hear a new goth-psych song from Stranded, “Vacant Spirits”

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On September 27, Atlanta artist David Mansfield, aka Stranded, releases new album Velvet Trace via Grey Market Records. Mansfield has already shared a couple of singles from the album, “Burnt Offerings” and “Aftermath.” And today, Stranded shares another new single, “Vacant Spirits.” The song is steeped in the gloom and grime of early ’80s gothic rock but washed in the haze of psychedelia, reminiscent of The Horrors at their most haunted or a darker and heavier take on the kind of neo-psych that Echo and the Bunnymen specialized in during their ’80s heyday. It’s a cool, strange, swirl of post-punk, and you can hear it below.

Stranded Velvet Trace tracklist:

1. Aftermath
2. Burnt Offerings
3. Vacant Spirits
4. Channels
5. Broken Circles
6. Awake
7. Static Lights
8. Hollow Morning
9. Leave No Trace
10. Hanging Pastures

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