Hear Sun Organ’s new psych-folk dirge, “Hours Waiting for You”

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Sun Organ

On May 5, Philadelphia “sludge pop” group Sun Organ—featuring Tim Jordan, formerly of Spirit of the Beehive—will release their new album Candlelight Showertime via Julia’s War/Blight Records. And today, on a Bandcamp Friday, they’re sharing another new single from their upcoming album. “Hours Waiting for You” is a more laid-back and atmospheric psych-folk strummer with swirls of guitar and rich flourishes. It’s a gorgeously melancholy song that slowly drifts into space even as it maintains its earthy foundation. Hear the Sun Organ “Hours Waiting For You” stream below, and preorder the album here.

Sun Organ Candlelight Showertime tracklist:

1. God Loves His Little Things Pt 1
2. Hours Waiting For You
3. In My Bed
4. Swallowed In Waves
5. High In The Shower
6. Moment Of Peace
7. God Loves His Little Things Pt 2
8. Please Not Today

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