Imperial Triumphant

The Best Albums of August 2020

Twelve albums from the past month that you need to hear, from grunge to avant-garde jazz.

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Imperial Triumphant : Alphaville

The New York group deliver a dense conceptual work of black metal and avant garde jazz.

The Best Metal Albums of 2018

The Top 25 Metal Albums of 2018

Twenty-five albums that hit the hardest from the past 12 months.

The best albums of July 2018

The 10 Best Albums of July 2018

The 10 albums—or, technically, nine albums and three EPs—that made July great.

Imperial Triumphant best metal of July 2018

Shadow of the Horns: Hybrid moments

The best things happening in metal are coming from bands willing to step outside of it.

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Album of the Week: Imperial Triumphant – Vile Luxury

The New York experimental metal trio create a world of opulence and squalor, blast beats and free jazz.