TDA (Samuel Gougoux of Victime) shares the haunting, eerie new track “Sa voix est claire”

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On April 23, Samuel Gougoux of Montreal post-punk/no wave group Victime will release his debut album as TDA, Ascète, via Michel Records. It’s a dark, abstract and ominous set of post-punk ambiance, with textures reminiscent of This Heat’s debut LP and the noisier moments of The Pop Group’s Y. Today, TDA shares new track “Sa voix est claire,” which is a particularly unsettling bit of post-industrial gloom, with clattering metallic percussion and oozing synth effects. It sometimes feels as much like the soundtrack to an avant garde horror film as it does a descendant of Cabaret Voltaire or Throbbing Gristle.

A statement about the track from TDA reads, “With its multiple textures, ‘Sa voix est claire’ is an adventurous dreamlike ambient song. TDA plays with the electronic effects and samplings, gradually adding them to the song to create movement and transformation.”

Hear the full track below.

TDA Ascète tracklist:

1. Maraudeur
2. En Choeur
3. Présence
4. Livrée
5. Sa voix est claire
6. Dalila
7. Au puits
8. Racle
9. Sans douleur

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