The Delgados : HATE

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I like it when a band can occupy new spaces in my head with the right words. If a great album fills up that space with its lyrics, melodies, and the right noise, I usually become obsessive listening to it over and over again.

The Delgados’ new album, Hate, has some great songs, worthy of obsession, but if you’re not in the mood for a mellow, peaceful, space in its entirety you might skip most of the songs. Yet, if your intention is some dreamy background music while talking to people at your house, this is one of those albums.

The songs on Hate are kind of like lullabies for adults. Airy, soft, slow, allowing the listener to fall into a trance-like state when listening to them. Even the upbeat songs seem to have that light, daydream aura about them. I don’t think that this album will spin regularly in my CD player. Yet, I won’t be selling it back either. I listened to this album in its entirety once, then once more, playing only the songs that I liked, made a mental note of the songs I loved, then put the album away with the intentions of using those songs later for a mixed tape.

There are a lot of different ways a band will try to take up space. Some bands are very showy and want to hog as much space as possible . Others are more minimal and will do with only a small amount of space. The Delgados take up a medium-sized space and seem passive-aggressive about it. They reach out and grab your attention, then shy away again.

Hate is worth owning, and is a perfect sound to take up space while cleaning or lazing on a warm Sunday morning.

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