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Being in a hardcore band, particularly one with a blistering metal edge, can take a lot out of a person. Bands ranging from Converge to Trap Them rarely finish a set without ending up drenched in sweat, let alone a face full of blood. And somehow, these dudes manage to hammer out those burly, breakneck rave-ups nightly for six weeks at a time, proving themselves time and again in endurance tests of minute-long bursts of metalcore fury. With that said, you can hardly blame any of them for frequently releasing albums that average about the length of a typical sitcom episode.

Spit And Argue, the new album by Long Beach, Calif. hardcore bruisers The Greenery, is one such album of face-busting hardcore that spans a slender 26 minutes. But for that 26 minutes, the band tears through ten songs that aim straight for the viscera, grabbing hold and twisting while the listener endures the sweet, sweet agony. And how sweet that agony is. Aligned closely to the melodic throwdowns of Los Angeles neighbors The Bronx with a touch of Discharge’s classic d-beat sound (best heard on “Hollow Bodies” or “Snakes and Rats”), The Greenery offers up a satisfying metalcore menace with a side of hooks. And they’re highly impressive when taking either tack, careening through a one-minute path of destruction on “Faceplant” or tearing up a fist-pumping punk rock head-banger like “2012 Packs.” And on “Lowest,” the band even offers up a barroom shout-along for hitting rock bottom, with memorable statements such as “Sometimes I drink to fall asleep!” and “Sometimes I drink to pass the time!

In 26 minutes, The Greenery churns out some of the most ass kicking, albeit straightforward metalcore your brittle bones can take. And, certainly, those power chords and hyperspeed beats blow by so quickly, it’s almost hard to keep up with them. It’s not a drastic reinvention of hardcore, just some black-and-blue fun, and definitely worth a repeat spin.

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