The North Atlantic : Wires in the Walls

The North Atlantic wrangle eclectic sounding frequencies, impulsively charged vocals, angular chord directions, and apocalyptic components setting off catalytic waves on their sophomore effort, Wires in the Walls. A drum prelude will prompt a guitar slant or motivate a bass scheme while the vocals will strut, squall, and pinch notches in the passages. Shifts in the velocity and the resonance of the instrument lines are made spontaneously often activated by another element in the melody. Like a chemical reaction, the progressions are initiated by variables in the melody and breed a crackling solvent.

The amplified atmospheres in the numbers move in extremes from shallow to rattling and explosive. The contours range from slashing and abrasive to strobed and spastic. The songs vibrate in impulses creating artistic expressions that spire, coil, and splice in an involuntary manner. The tracks are not neatly planned out as much as they are an expression of the individual band members, so the sequences pour out naturally, oftentimes in dynamic sonic structures and vocal outbursts, spatters, and creamy voicing. Yes, The North Atlantic becomes creamy at times alight the hardcore sibilants, the punk rock stylings, and the post new wave hooks.

Sprucing the songs with scrimmages and crescent ridges are band mates Jason Hendrix (vocals, guitars, lyrics, and the artwork for the album), his older brother Cullen Hendrix (drums), and Jason Richards (bass). The band members came together while attending Kalamazoo College in Michigan. All three members relocated to San Diego, California when in 2001, they released their debut album Buried Under Tundra. In 2003, they released their sophomore disc Wires In The Walls which experienced a reawakening with this statewide re-release.

The cover of the album, designed by Jason Hendrix is a representation of North America with images pressed over the continent. Jason’s artwork for the sleeve is interpretative with common designs like a power plant, a hand, a helicopter, and a childlike carousel horse, converging with wiry lines crossing through the images. And like their music, the artwork has individual meaning, a mix of abstract with real.

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The North Atlantic - Wires In the Walls

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