The Pipettes : The Shoe That Fits Remixes

Last year the Pipettes ran a remix competition on MySpace using the a cappella recording of new song “The Shoe That Fits.” Fan demand prompted an online release of 1000 numbered copies of the best entries. When fleshed out, “The Shoe that Fits” combines pop confection and heartache eloquence, while still seeming clever because it’s funny. Substantive and style analogies between cosmetic retail and romance abound with cupid able “to take my heart right down from the shelf.We Are the Pipettes was astounding and this effort from their new line up is no let down. Honestly, it’ll melt people.

Thomas White’s curtain raising version could be mistaken for the original arrangement, with a piano and King of Woolworths-like fuzzy melodies fitting around the vocals like a glove. Swarms go for a more subterranean dub and club inflected approach. Other alterations move proceedings an instep towards Miss Kittin (Hanno), Mr Toad oompah (Joyballoo), and Lamb worthy chill out (Aufa! Fikiri!) respectively. Actress Hands turn the song into a Magical Mystery Tour tinged clump of acoustic lushness. The Initials DC mix could inconspicuously tack onto the end of bent’s 2000 masterpiece Programmed to Love.

Obviously 20 versions of the same song are to be enjoyed at the listeners discretion. To the Pipettes’ credit, “The Shoe That Fits” is strong enough to leave people sitting at the speakers in immersion. The different versions contained here have enough variance of personality to stave off the feelings of Bermuda triangle wonkiness that can come from repeated listening to any song you like too much. Selected plays of five or six tracks are a fantastic tonic.

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