Actress announces new album, Statik

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Actress has announced his second album in less than a year. On June 7, Darren Cunningham will release Statik via Smalltown Supersound. Today he’s shared two new songs, “Dolphin Spray” and “Static”, which you can hear below.

Cunningham has also, in characteristic fashion, released a cryptic statement:

In the dark woods, beyond blood-flecked pines, a silent pool (a portal) shimmers.
Gaze in. Look hard. Glitch the mind’s eye.
See the new moon static in a smoke-hazed sky.
Uncanny. You’ve no reflection here.
(You are not here.)
Do not look away as the water whirls.
Stare deeper, edge closer, surrender to the
fall into…
hell (not hell) nor paradise.
A grand apparition in silver monochrome flickers.
Flames dance in orichalcum bowls, reflection pools line a marble hall.
This ruinous temple still astounds. Still.
Be still. Listen. There is no fear here.
Listen. Listen as spectral echoes of moments lived:
melodies, motifs, refrains drip, splaszh, cascade.
As azd rain lines Poseidon’s walls, a pyre towers before glistening throne.
A ceremony (a requiem) begins.
Awash with silken sound and aqueous haze, elevated above blue-black flames, floating.
Floating up/down, down/up. Swoop up/down out and into the infinite waters beyond.
In this dove-grey sky beneath the waves, dolphins chatter and spray amid piercing moon rays.
This dove mellow – under the trees and woods and earth and blood – is where you are (reflected).
Now and before/forever (rip)

Statik follows last year’s excellent LXXXVIII. It’s featured on our list of the Best Electronic Albums of 2023.

actress new album statik

Actress Statik tracklist:

1. Hell
2. Static
3. My Ways
4. Rainlines
5. Ray
6. Six
7. Cafe Del Mars
8. Dolphin Spray
9. System Verse
10. Doves Over Atlantis
11. Mello Checx

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