Treiops Treyfid : Feelings of Unreality

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Treiops Treyfid, thank goodness I don’t have to try and pronounce it in this format, sounds exactly like what you would expect from a former math-rocker, bookstore employee, Washington D.C. post-punk, visual artist. What I mean is, I didn’t know what to expect. Once a member of D.C.’s Pitchblende, Treyfid has been spending his time with art of various styles, visual and aural. Feelings of Unreality is his latest album, one which defies most popular notions of what rock music should be.

I write the last statement in a positive light. Treyfid treats music as it essentially should be treated, as an art form. He experiments with sound throughout the album, using guitars, drums, keyboards, sound effects, samples, and his own voice. Treyfid’s voice is really one of the most intriguing I’ve heard in recent memory. While it may not be the best or strongest vocal style I’ve heard, it is reminiscent of some of the most recognizable singers in history, specifically Lou Reed circa Velvet Underground, and Peter Murphy circa Bauhaus.

The words that are contained in each art piece are pieces of poetry, dreams, visions, and images. Take the dream story within the spoken word “Her Stories Wrote Themselves”. The absurdity and wisdom combined recall the lyrics of another D.C. resident, one Travis Morrison. Somehow, Treyfid seems to combine the least accessible aspects of all of the above influences and makes them into a completely enjoyable hodge-podge collection of art rock songs.

The best part of the whole thing is possibly the most absurd. Track nine, entitled “The Highlight of Our Trip”, is merely a sample from what I can only guess is a nature show of some sort. The voice is somewhat recognizable, but there is no reference to where it came from. The southern accented man says, “Let’s zoom in on these eagles, ….ten eagles! Oh my gosh! I’ve never…Oh look up in the sky! Look at that eagle…..oh my gosh!” All this right before the album heads into the most D.C. sounding song on the album, “Ute I Solen”, sounding like either early Jawbox or Dismemberment Plan.

Feelings of Unreality is aptly named. It is surreal if not unreal. But, devote the time to it, and it will pay off. As long as you are not waiting for a `hook’ or a catchy chorus hidden somewhere within, then you won’t be disappointed. Treiops Treyfid is for lovers….of art.

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