Viva Voce : Get Yr Blood Sucked Out

Power, when chained, forced to perform, or coerced into a state of existence that is beyond what comes immediately to the force, can lead to disaster. King Kong will eventually have had enough and go for a brisk jog on top of New York City. When power can live harmoniously with its surroundings and not be forced, therein can exist majesty, power free without worry of injury, a performance in itself. Viva Voce in their new album, Get Yr Blood Sucked Out, shakes hands and dances with King Kong, avoiding all of the issues of falling buildings and dust plumes of destruction that might cloud the sight of the frolicking spectacle.

Get Yr Blood Sucked Out has a way of letting the music speak for itself in its own language that needs no translation, because just the sound of the words can rile hearts directly, eliminating the middleman brain to recognize what each word is. The music is raw, but soft enough for feeling besides jagged edges of rock cutting through eardrums in the name of hardcore. Viva Voce can blow the hard beauty of a diamond through the air like a snowfall and let all of the bodies come to touch it, roll in it, make snow angels in it instead of putting it in a glass case because it is too fragile to touch. This power over the elements is what is conveyed in their music. A simple guitar and drum is not normally expected to wow. Everyone can already hear those instruments before the musicians even come on to the stage, all just trying to guess what familiar collaboration of string and percussion they’ll hear this time. Viva Voce extends what is normal for these instruments, make them exceed their potential in a fabulistic way, letting their imagination meld with the way the instrument wants to be played so that King Kong can have an entire island to roam without a cage the tells him what to do.

In simplest terms, Viva Voce has a way with music that Captain Planet does with Earth. Many musicians treat music as something to be manipulated or tricked into existing in ways that humans can enjoy, or at least deal with. Viva Voce wants music to be untreated and unchained, living for itself and for others. The way King Kong scratches his ass makes us all laugh.

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Viva Voce - Get Yr Blood Sucked Out

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