Voxtrot : Raised by Wolves EP

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…Okay, the coast is clear. Nobody knows what I’m about to tell you, but they’ll learn soon enough, if we’re not careful, so try and keep it down. Voxtrot is that band that you’re searching for. They’re the proverbial “next big thing.” But nobody knows it yet. So don’t go around and spread it, because you’re going to be kicking yourself later. Don’t tell Rolling Stone, don’t let the NME know. This little band doesn’t even have their record sold on Amazon yet. It took Clap Your Hands Say Yeah about six months for that to happen, so enjoy this little moment while it lasts.

So you’re wondering what’s so great about Voxtrot? Voxtrot jingles. Voxtrot jangles. Voxtrot bounces and bops and hops. They have more than just a passing Smiths fetish and they’re darned likeable. They’re the kind of band you’re going to want to tell your kids that you saw back when they were a fledgling band out of Texas playing that beer-soaked dive in your neighborhood. And their Raised by Wolves EP is just an inkling of the greatness that this band is storing up for later on.

For a mere five-song release, Raised by Wolves is a strikingly accomplished affair and contains some of the best pop songs to reach your stereo all year. The title track is a clean, crisp pop number that should appeal to fans of Britpop and lo-fi darlings alike. Meanwhile, “The Start of Something” is like a lost outtake from The Smiths’ self-titled debut. “Missing Pieces” rocks much harder than its predecessors, blending post-punk and shoegazer styles much like The Walkmen might, with a comparably catchy and enjoyable side to it. “Long Haul” is more subdued by comparison, like a more upbeat Interpol or a tighter, more rhythmic Luna. But the true standout is the closing track, “Wrecking Force,” which sounds something like The Mekons jamming with The Arcade Fire. It’s truly triumphant and powerful music that begs for an emotionally receptive ear. It will be your song of the year once you hear it.

So, look, these guys are quickly becoming a favorite among the blog circuit and the weeklies are just around the corner. Trust me, get ahold of this EP as quickly as you can. No need to thank me, just allow yourself repeated listens, and enjoy what may be the best unknown band of 2005.

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Voxtrot - Raised By Wolves EP

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