Watch California synth-pop duo VVD WNDWS’ new video for “The Pulling”

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Earlier in 2021, Northern California synth-pop group VVD WNDWS released their new EP, DEEP TIME, via Glowing Dagger. And today, the group has released a new video for its leadoff track, “The Pulling.” The song is a minimal and haunting coldwave/darkwave track with both melodic and eerie elements reminiscent of Zola Jesus and The Knife, and its mysterious video provides a fitting visual companion to the song. The clip, depicting shrouded figures in a natural environment, is a collaborative effort between the group and multidisciplinary artists Dustin Khebzou and Megan Biscieglia, exploring themes of “of false memory, corporal resiliency patterns, and navigating trans-generational trauma,” per a statement from the group. Per the band, it’s “a freewheeling immersion into the unconscious that blends visual fragments of folkloric lyricism, cowled phantoms, and ethereal natural beauty to form a hallucinatory portrait of visceral magnetism and protracted allure.”

Watch the full clip below.

Find the band’s new EP DEEP TIME here.

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