Watch the distorted, disorienting video for Bangladeafy’s “Harvest”

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Bangladeafy Harvest

In September, heavy progressive duo Bangladeafy released their latest album, Housefly, via Nefarious Industries. And today, they’ve shared a new video for album highlight “Harvest,” directed by Dave Brenner. The fast-moving, intense clip is a distorted look at disparate objects and urban landscapes, natural imagery mixed with man-made. It’s hectic, disorienting and perfectly attuned to the manic 76-second track itself.

The band’s John Ehlers says in a statement about the track, “The lyrical context of ‘Harvest’ is a critical damning of sacrificing community wellbeing for stale, dead unaffordable housing. I particularly imagined the area of Downtown Brooklyn when I began writing the lyrics. Almost overnight, it appeared to be a neighborhood of old buildings with unique architecture that was eclipsed by stagnant, empty high rises owned by foreign wealth, yet nobody is actually occupying them. The fantasy of this song manifests in the form of a gigantic robot knocking these buildings out of the skyline.

“The song is mechanical in nature on purpose. Musically, we needed to convey this idea of a giant machine stomping through a neighborhood.”

Watch it below.

Hear Housefly in its entirety via the group’s Bandcamp.

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