Watch the haunting new video for Wild Arrows’ “Dark Glass”

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Wild Arrows Dark Glass video

On June 17, Wild Arrows will release their new album, Loving the Void. And today, they’ve shared a new video for “Dark Glass,” directed by Mac Cappuccino. It’s a soaring and hypnotic song, big on gauzy layers of synths, reminiscent of early M83, with gorgeous touches of dreamy guitar and Mike Law’s impassioned vocals. It’s a mesmerizing piece of music, with a compelling and mysterious clip featuring a solitary figure doing demolition inside of an empty apartment building, with a surprising ending.

Wild Arrows’ Mike Law says in a statement, “‘Dark Glass” was the last song recorded for the album. The chords had all this interchanging momentum but they moved so methodically, as if a caterpillar was walking with its legs evenly out of sync or an octopus whose hobby was modern dance moving within tides. I just hung onto the melody on top of all that like I had my arms around a slow motion meteor moving in the song’s universe. During quarantine I was on an island in Lake Superior as big as NYC but with only about 100 people and this one arrived pretty much all at once, in nearly psychedelic silence at 2am. It’s probably my best vocal performance. Immediate and done.”

He adds, about the video, “Everyone needs to make their own Myth of Sisyphus once or twice a lifetime. Or maybe in my case even more. When I was thinking about visuals for Dark Glass I kept picturing a woman endlessly walking up an incline with triangles for shoes. I imagined them as Sisyphus’ partner because the only reason he’d push that rock up the hill and go back down it again to start over is for love. I knew she would do the same.”

Watch the Wild Arrows “Dark Glass” video below.

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