Wilson Pickett : In the Midnight Hour

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I’ll be honest, I don’t know a lot about Wilson Pickett, other than his music. In fact, aside from a few songs off the album In The Midnight Hour, and a few songs like “Mustang Sally” or “634-5789,” Wilson Pickett’s lifelong musical career remains an undiscovered area to me. So why write about a artist that I know little about? Because upon hearing just one Wilson Pickett song, you know that Wilson is a top pillar of soul music, and should be shown the respect he deserves.

I used to have a friend whose parents listened to the oldies all the time. Not just doo-wop stuff, but the real gritty soul music. And “In The Midnight Hour” was one of the songs that I distinctly remember them listening to.

Upon listening to the beginning of “In The Midnight Hour,” you hear the analog setting and the start of the horns blaring. Then his voice starts, and the whole song just sounds old school. It has the charming, warm crackle of an old A.M. radio station. But the classic analog sound makes his voice all the more magical, and powerful. There is an intensity in his voice that just can’t be found these days on Top 40 Radio.

Just as everyone has a favorite album during a certain era in their lives, “In The Midnight Hour” was the favorite song for a short era of mine. While Wilson Pickett conjures up memories like the smell of my friend’s house, the color of the walls in the living room and where the record player sat, Wilson Pickett is also a reminder of how great a visit through classic soul LPs can be. So when you are trying to locate a new find from the local music shop, don’t forget all the music that came before, that helped push music where it is today.

Personally, when I think of soul music, I often think of Al Green, or Aretha Franklin. Though, I wonder if anyone else immediately thinks of Wilson Pickett along the lines of great soul music. They certainly should.

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