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Fugazi First Demo

On Nov. 18, Dischord Records will release Fugazi’s First Demo — an album-length set of recordings from the band’s first demo session in 1988, recorded after only having played a handful of shows. Most of the songs ended up being released in somewhat more streamlined fashion on their first couple EPs, or their debut full-length, Repeater — and a few ended up on compilations. We’ve already had a listen to the early demo of “Merchandise,” which is an interesting artifact for those who know Repeater inside and out (where’d the piano go?). And today, you can actually hear the whole thing. Dischord posted the full First Demo on Soundcloud, which you can stream below, and hear what a legendary band sounded like in their infancy. Some of the differences in recordings are subtle, and some of them are pretty dramatic. “Waiting Room,” for instance,” is a bit more raw, and more dub-influenced.

Listen to the Fugazi First Demo stream below.

Fugazi First Demo tracklist:
1 Waiting Room
2 Merchandise
3 Furniture
4 Song #1
5 The Word
6 Bad Mouth
7 Break-In
8 Turn Off Your Guns
9 And the Same
10 In Defense of Humans
11 Joe #1

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