Deafheaven now offering Sunbather font for purchase

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deafheaven - sunbather

Deafheaven had not only one of the best albums of 2013 with Sunbather, but also one of the most interesting album covers, thanks to a bright color scheme and a unique font, designed by Nick Steinhardt, guitarist in Touché Amoré. In fact, Steinhardt has done typeface design for a number of different musical artists, including Britney Spears and Neil Diamond. But now, Metal Injection reports you can actually buy the Sunbather font from All Black Recording Co. It’s available in three different weights — book, bold and black.

A description from the website: “‘Sunbather’ is a stenciled flare-serif display face inspired by bright light and dissipating legibility. Referencing similar historical type experiments by Jan Tschicold, it questions the mind to connect what the eyes cannot see when the thinnest strokes of a didone font evaporate. The results were then finely tapered and sharpened to create a stern and angular mood when set in text or large words.”

The font comes as a free bonus if you order a poster or blanket from All Black, or you can buy all three versions of the typeface for $30. Now you can print your own blackgaze X-mas cards! Have a Deafheaven holiday!

Sunbather was our No. 1 album of 2013.

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