NPR to host Sleater-Kinney live stream from 9:30 Club

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Sleater-Kinney is well into the swing of their first tour since going on hiatus after the release of 2005’s The Woods. The band is circling North America in support of their new album, No Cities to Love, and by all accounts, the shows have been nothing short of amazing. But why take our word for it — especially when some of us are still waiting for the band to circle back around to our city — when you can live stream one of their live shows?

Tonight, around 9:30 PM ET (6:30 Pacific), NPR Music will live stream their show at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. Preliminary reports of their shows have shown that the band has been playing a good mix of songs from their new album, as well as old favorites from throughout their catalog. No matter how it shakes out, this is likely to be a pretty good show.

Watch the Sleater-Kinney live stream here.

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Update: NPR has posted the entire concert to watch in full, in case you missed it.

Set List

“Price Tag”
“Start Together”
“Surface Envy”
“Get Up”
“No Anthems”
“Youth Decay”
“What’s Mine Is Yours”
“A New Wave”
“No Cities To Love”
“One Beat”
“Words And Guitar”
“Bury Our Friends”


“Gimme Love”
“Little Babies”
“Turn It On”
“Modern Girl”
“Dig Me Out”

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