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On Friday, Baroness will release their long-awaited fourth album, Purple. So far, the full album hasn’t been made available to stream, but we’re basically halfway there.Morningstar,” “Shock Me” (an Endless Playlist pick) and “Chlorine & Wine” have already been released, and earlier today, the band shared yet another new track, “Try to Disappear,” via Stereogum. This is one of the harder rocking tracks on the album, with some righteous guitar going on—as you’d expect from a band with this kind of instrumental prowess.

Update: You can now stream the entire album, including all 17 seconds of the closing track “Crossroads of Infinity”. All the tracks were revealed in an Internet scavenger hunt, according to Stereogum, where tracks were premiered via JuxtapozNerdist, NoiseyMetal Injection and Drowned In Sound. Listen to them in sequence below.

Purple follows 2013′s Yellow and Green.

Baroness Purple tracklist:

1. Morningstar
2. Shock Me
3. Try to Disappear
4. Kerosene
5. Fugue
6. Chlorine & Wine
7. The Iron Bell
8. Desperation Burns
9. If I Have to Wake Up (Would You Stop the Rain)
10. Crossroads of Infinity

Purple‘s release date missed the cutoff for our Top 10 Metal Albums of 2015, but it’s already a top contender for next year, just in case you were wondering.

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