Hear a new mashup of John Coltrane and Sunn O))), titled Co)))ltrane

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It’s hard to believe that people are still discovering new ground in the world of mashups (see: Aphex Swift), and when you take the initiative to combine the disparate genres of avant-garde jazz and drone doom metal, then you’ll definitely end up with something that neither Girl Talk or The Hood Internet are likely to have done before. An unexpectedly great mashup of John Coltrane and Sunn O))) just showed up over the weekend, dubbed Co)))ltrane, and it’s pretty mind-blowing. The 14-minute mashup combines Sunn O)))’s “Rabbit’s Revenge,” from ØØ Void, with John Coltrane’s “Mars,” from his Interstellar Space album, and you’d be surprised how well they work together. (Though not totally unexpected, Sunn O))) paid tribute to Alice Coltrane on Monoliths and Dimensions‘ “Alice,” after all.) It’s chaotic, of course, but it’s chaotic in a spiritual free-jazz kind of way, rather than being just a total mess. Hear it for yourself below.

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