More Sonic Youth vinyl reissues due in 2016

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Sonic Youth has been gradually reissuing all of their studio albums on vinyl, and this year, they’re releasing even more of those reissues in bigger batches. Following recent vinyl reissues of 1985’s Bad Moon Rising and 1986’s Evol, Union Square Music has lined up a series of six more albums being pressed onto vinyl this winter, according to a report from Pitchfork.

The first batch will be released on January 22 and includes 1994’s Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star, 1998’s A Thousand Leaves and 2000’s NYC Ghosts and Flowers. The second batch will be released on February 19, and will include 2002’s Murray Street, 2004’s Sonic Nurse and 2006’s Rather Ripped.

1995’s Washing Machine wasn’t included in the announcement, however Amazon does list a February 19 release date for a vinyl release.

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