The Body share new track, “Hallow/Hollow”

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On March 18, The Body will release their new album No One Deserves Happiness—what they call their attempt at “the grossest pop album of all time”—via Thrill Jockey. The album’s first single, “Shelter is Illusory,” was one of our favorite metal tracks of January, and today, they’ve got another new track to share, “Hallow / Hollow.” It’s a bit more in line with past releases like Christs, Redeemers, and not as heavily based in electronic rhythms. It’s most certainly massive, crushing and ferocious, however, in a the-world-might-end-soon kind of way, as The Body tends to do. And toward the end, Maralie Armstrong of Humanbeast returns to add a graceful touch to the otherwise gnarly doom song.

Listen to The Body “Hallow / Hollow” stream below.

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