Courtney Barnett wins Australian Music Prize

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Courtney Barnett has won the Australian Music Prize, an annual award given to an album by an Australian artist. Her album Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit beat out other notable Australian albums, including Tame Impala’s Currents, Royal Headache’s High, My Disco’s Severe, Dick Diver’s Melbourne, Florida and five others. Henry Rollins presented Barnett with the award, and her prize includes $30,000 Australian ($22,450).

“I respect so many Australian artists so to be picked as the one that wins is pretty amazing,” she said at the awards ceremony, according to Triple J. “Plus, I’ve never had a novelty cheque before—I’m a bit nervous to hold it. One thing I like about this award, it’s judged on the art and the music and it’s not on sales or other boring shit like that; so thanks.”

Sometimes I Sit and Think… was our number 8 album of 2015.


* Courtney Barnett photo courtesy of Australian Music Prize Facebook page.

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