Premiere: Karamazov blends electronic layers with punchy noise rock on “Rich Red Light”

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Karamazov track premiere

On August 18, Minneapolis electronics-heavy noise rock outfit Karamazov will release their new EP, Self-Control EP: 23:28. And today, Treble is premiering a new track, “Rich Red Light,” which combines heady industrial pulses with an intense, KEN Mode-like heavy post-hardcore sound. It’s melodic yet visceral, intense yet accessible.

Luke Olson, the sole member of Karamazov (and formerly of grindcore outfit Ambassador Gun), has released a statement about the new track:

“The song originally took shape from stray guitar riffs I hadn’t used in any of my other bands. They just didn’t fit right with them. I loved the riffs and they needed a home. Initially the song was written with programmed drums but as the guitars and bass were recorded and layered in with the synths and fake drums, it felt natural to add real drums. This is the second song Tim Java (ex-Dead to Fall) recorded on this EP. He took the original beat and concept and ran with it and turned out really great and gave this song a fresh life and mood.

“The lyrics are about my personal, and I suppose, all human tendencies to repeat bad decisions and/or situations. The rich red light staring you in the face, a massive stop sign, ‘turn back now, man!’ thing but you carry on and deal with the consequences later. Repeating the same things time and again. Sometimes that’s a toxic relationship, not looking out for your health, allowing stress to guide your mood and attitude, et al. The repeating line at the end of the song, to me, is the ‘learn from this you, fool’ kind of lyrics. ‘Face what is coming, hypnotic, rich red light.’ We may all continue to make mistakes, repeat things, but also have the capacity to learn and change things that are self-destructive or needless.”

Listen to the Karamazov “Rich Red Light” stream below.

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