Andy Shauf shares new double single, “Satan” b/w “Jacob Rose”

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Andy Shauf satan

Canadian singer/songwriter Andy Shauf has been prolific in the past couple years, first releasing The Neon Skyline in 2020, followed by the “Judy/Jeremy’s Wedding” single. And then last year, he delivered another full-length album, Wilds. Today, Shauf has shared two more new singles, “Satan” and “Jacob Rose,” via Anti- Records.

“When I was young, there were a few years where I wasn’t allowed to celebrate Hallowe’en,” Shauf says in a press release. “The church that I grew up in was saying that Hallowe’en was ‘The Devil’s Day’ and that it had its roots in satanic rituals. After a few years of this, my parents realized it was a bit silly to deny us our free candy and let us resume. The Christianity that I was brought up in said that believers went to heaven and non-believers went to hell. A sort of cartoon-like simplification of ancient texts. So with the lyrics of this song, I was trying to take this cartoon-like simplification of life (and death) and pair it with a cartoon-like version of this Christian hell. Where after you complete a long and disciplined life, you find yourself holding a bite-sized chocolate bar stapled to an invitation to a Hallowe’en pool party with Satan himself.”

Hear both new tracks below.

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