Brian Cook (Sumac, Russian Circles) announces debut as Torment & Glory

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Brian Cook

Russian Circles and SUMAC’s Brian Cook has announced his debut solo album as Torment & Glory. We Left a Note With an Apology will be released on August 27 via Sargent House, and the first single is titled “No Big Crime.” Hear it below.

The roots of the project go back to when Cook wrote “Praise Be Man,” a song he initially recorded on a Fostex X-14 cassette four-track, and which eventually wound up on a Russian Circles album. But in 2019 he abruptly and unexpectedly lost his voice, which led to a necessary change in his approach. “My voice still cracks and warbles in certain note ranges,” Cook says in a press release. “It seemed like a good idea to try to rehabilitate my voice by singing, so I started adding vocals to the little fingerpicking melodies I’d developed over the years.” During this period, he resurrected his solo project, and the results ended up on this debut album. Check out the artwork and tracklist below.

Torment and Glory debut album

Torment & Glory We Left a Note With an Apology tracklist:

1. The Burning Car
2. Boylston and Pike
3. No Big Crime
4. Dusk on Main
5. The Kick Drum
6. Mexican Hat, Utah
7. All Men Forever

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