Cloud Nothings – “I’m Not Part of Me”

Cloud Nothings I'm Not Part of Me

In the video for “I’m Not Part of Me,” from Cloud Nothings’ great new album Here and Nowhere Else, a teen girls’ slumber party gets pretty weird. It starts off like your typical slumber party, of course: reading magazines, painting nails, taking selfies — all that good, wholesome stuff. But then it takes an odd turn. The girls drink some kind of magic potion and start hallucinating — and their eyes turn black (scary!) — ultimately performing a Rock Band video game version of the song and using a Ouija board.

Oh, and Dylan Baldi, frontman of Cloud Nothings, appears on the front of an angel-winged iPhone face. So that’s something. It’s all super weird and super fun, and it was directed by Ryan Manning. Watch it below.

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