Crocodiles announce new album, Crimes of Passion

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Crocodiles - Crimes of Passion

San Diego-born and New York/London-based post-punk duo Crocodiles return in August with their fourth album, titled Crimes of Passion. The record is out Aug. 20 via Zoo Music, and is said to be inspired by a pretty eclectic mix of music, including Lou Reed, the Byrds, the Jackson 5 and Glenn Branca. That’s the artwork above, and tracklist below.

Also, listen to new song “Cockroach” below.


1. I Like It In The Dark
2. Marquis De Sade
3. Cockroach
4. Heavy Metal Clouds
5. Teardrop Guitar
6. She Splits Me Up
7. Me and My Machine Gun
8. Gimme Some Annihilation
9. Virgin
10. Un Chant D’Amour

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