Watch Crocodiles’ televangelist show in their video for “Upside Down in Heaven”

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On Friday, Crocodiles release their new album, Upside Down in Heaven, via Lolipop Records. They’ve shared a couple of singles from the album already, including “Love Beyond the Grave” and “Degeneration.” And today they’re releasing one more video before the album’s out. The clip, directed and shot by Sam Macon, is a VHS-style mock televangelist program, complete with a commercial at the beginning. And the song itself packs in hook after hook in a new wave/power pop arrangement that finds the group embracing a bright, sunnier sound—a top-notch single to kick off spring.

Crocodiles’ Charles Rowell said in a statement, “Maybe I was chasing that elusive Stiff records sound or simply trying something that would make Westerberg smile. Either way it’s pure pop for heads who appreciate lyrics and melody. It’s a little sad but triumphant and true. If you’ve ever felt like you’re a little too far from home, like you’ve chased the dream until it’s turned into a nightmare, then here’s another song burning with regret and wasted wisdom.”

Watch the clip below, and presave Upside Down in Heaven here.

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