Cut Copy release new single on vinyl at Pitchfork Fest

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Cut Copy - Let Me Show You

It’s a golden age for wacky promotional stunts, isn’t it? Boards of Canada dropping extra-rare white label 12-inch singles at Record Store Day Events. Daft Punk blowing up your cell phone with hype videos. And now Cut Copy is getting in on the act with a slightly less gimmicky (but still kinda gimmicky) stunt. This weekend, at Pitchfork Fest, at the CHIRP Record Fair, Cut Copy had a booth set up where 120 copies of the group’s new single “Let Me Show You” were lathe-cut on the spot and engraved with the buyer’s name. It’s a safe bet these will be expensive if anyone wants to put them up for sale.

Someone did rip the audio onto Youtube, so listen to it below.

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