Watch GANGI’s abstract As Fake Estates short film

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Gangi as fake estates video

Last Friday, August 5, Los Angeles duo GANGI released their new EP, As Fake Estates, via Office of Analogue and Digital. And today, they’ve shared an entire EP-length video, combining the three tracks from the EP into one extended, abstract film that was shot on a Mattel Vidster camera, a toy camera from 2005 that the group acquired on eBay for the unbelievably low price of $5. The distorted and hazy imagery makes for a perfect pairing with the group’s songs, which range from pulsing, dub-inspired rock to psychedelic pop and more abrasive industrial grooves, balancing tense beats and strange effects (including pitch-shifted vocals), accessible melodies with sonic chaos. It’s a strange and disorienting trip that the group takes us on, but an entertaining one all the same.

Watch the full GANGI As Fake Estates video below.

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