Giant Squid to reissue 2009’s The Ichthyologist

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Giant Squid Ichthyologist reissue

In February of 2009, California post-metal band Giant Squid self-released their cult favorite album The Ichthyologist. For its 12th anniversary, the group is reissuing the album via Translation Loss. The digital version of the remastered, epic album can be heard in its entirety below, with physical editions up for pre-order.

Aaron Gregory says about the reissue: “It’s a fairly surreal feeling to be reissuing a record twelve years later that was created from a very turbulent time in the lives of both the band and myself personally. Revisiting the lyrics and all the heartache within them, remembering how many superbly talented people were involved and who added a little bit of their soul to these songs, even looking over the incredible artwork by Sam Keith that I still can’t believe we were able to wrap this record in; it’s actually all been a bit overwhelming to take in again. Listening to Tim Green’s sparkling remaster of the album has brought a tear to all of our eyes as if we were listening to the finished record for the first time again.

The Ichthyologist was a herculean effort to create. So many delicate moving parts had to fall in place. Bringing it back to life in a whole new light is both a joyous feeling and one that brings back those waves of exhaustion, stress, and even fear. We were very much on our own when we created this album; no label, no support, no idea if we could pull it off. It was both terrifying and exhilarating. Thankfully, a thousand people across the world quickly bought it directly from us, and our loving label, Translation Loss, leaped into help carry the weight moving forward, making sure thousands more were able to experience the record.” 

Hear the 12th anniversary remaster of Giant Squid’s soaring, titanic sludge metal album below.

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